Botanicus Art Ensemble collaborated with the City of Toronto and other community groups to build the MacGregor Playground Teaching Garden in 2015. The whimsical, edible garden is now used throughout the spring, summer and fall for community drop-ins, school group sessions, City of Toronto summer camp visits, workshops, special events and more. It is a place of nourishment, environmental education, collaboration, and artistic inspiration!

To Read the Garden Report for 2016 click here

Botanicus Art Ensemble also runs a branch of the Toronto Seed Library, an all-volunteer network of seed collections, where people can take or donate seeds for free. Learn more about the project at, and contact us to use our branch.

To document the creation of the MacGregor Park Teaching Gardens, videographer Katie Nicholson brought out her camera to watch us haul stones, spread dirt, twist vines and plant seeds. She saw the project grow from idea on paper to living garden in the course of a few shorts weeks in the spring of 2015, and captured the progress of it for us in this short film: Obscurity to Radiance.

 Volunteers came out to help turn our optimistic designs into dirt... also into cilantro, kale and lettuce! With everyone's help the Macgregor Park Teaching Gardens came to life. 

Special thanks to our funders: Ontario Trillium Foundation, Galen Weston Family Foundation, LiveGreen Toronto, Aragon Properties Ltd. (garden fence) and Councilor Ana Bailao (garden shed).

  • Garden photos by: Kristen Fahrig, Cat O'Neil, Brendan Makes and Ava Lightbody