The Botanicus Art Ensemble supports diversity and strengthens community through the arts - from botanical arts and gardening to music, storytelling, theatre, promenade, puppetry, costume, sculpture and visual art. Our mission is to continue to grow and nurture the artist within each individual and take these multifaceted voices to the international stage.


Delivering year-round creative programming in a natural setting for an under-served urban community. 

"The Intelligent Dandelion is proud of family and communication. His warmth radiates healing, illumination and growth. The yellow sunshine of the Dandelion brings levity, and his airborne thought-seeds send good news and clarity of vision, spreading a positive influence near and far. Dandelion is the main representative of the Botanicus Art Ensemble - we aspire to send beautiful thought-seeds of creativity out into the world."

*The Dandelion image used for our logo is from the series Plant People by Kristen Fahrig