The Botanicus Art Ensemble is a Community Arts Organization based in Toronto, Canada. We bring professional artists of various disciplines together with community members for the goal of shared creative expression. The exchange of ideas enhances the enjoyment of public space for everyone, and contributes to a connection with nature in the urban environment.

  • Artistic Directors
    • Lorraine Maltese
    • Kit Tough
  • Story & Theatre
    • Kit Tough
  • Costume & Event Stylist
    • Lorraine Maltese
  • Community Outreach & Development
    • Mayssan Shujau
    • Karina Garcia
  • Food and Nutrition
    • Amna Malik

Board of Directors:

  • President
    • Jane Wells
  • Secretary
  • Mayssan Shujau
  • Treasurer
    • Lea Ambros

Advisory Committee:

  • Emma Rodgers
  • Bart Szoke
  • Jutta Mason
  • Dominique Perin
  • Elizabeth Littlejohn