Botanicus Art Ensemble produces theatrical celebrations and festivals throughout the year to mark the passing of the seasons, Winter Solstice, Planting, Harvest and Water Festivals as well as special occasions such as Canada Day. 

If you would like to be a volunteer for Botanicus Art Ensemble events, festivals or workshops we would love to hear from you!

If you have a passion for live entertainment, performance, costume making, sewing, storytelling, stage design, arts administration, social media, poster and banner design, dance, circus arts, acrobatics, singing, storytelling and last but not least giant bubble making we have many volunteer positions available for Fall 2019.

Past Events


The Eel Project Photo.png

Sunday Sept. 30th 2 pm
CAMPBELL PARK 225 Campbell Ave
Botanicus is temporarily migrating north to a new location, Campbell Park.
Campbell Park is at 225 Campbell Ave., (just west of Lansdowne Ave. and north of Wallace Ave.)

A performance with storytelling, music and puppetry 

Botanicus Art Ensemble will be hosting CHoChoAkiNika Players,the fluid group of Artiistscurrently working on the Eel Project—they are Luc-Anne Salm, Benjamin Ramirez and ArifJinha from Ottawa.

Botanicus is temporarily migrating north to a new location. While MacGregor Playground is under construction, as the city renovates the historic Field House, we will swim over to Campbell Park
Campbell Park is at 225 Campbell Ave., (just west of Lansdowne Ave. and north of Wallace Ave.)

 Weekly Drop-In leading up to the Event
Come and learn songs and dances, we can help youcreate your own costume and become a creature of the ocean or rivers, learn to swim like an eel and help operate puppets big and small as we prepare for our Celebration.
The project is a celebration of the American Eel, but you may ask, who is this slippery character? Well here are some Eel facts that may surprise you.
Why the American Eel Matters and What's Been Happening
The American Eel plays an important role in Canada's aquatic biodiversity.
It has the greatest range of any fish species in North America 
Our Hydro Electric dams have prevented them from reaching their feeding grounds, and have reduced the amount of good habitat for them to live in the river.
American eels are the only species of freshwater eel found in North America
They live along the Atlantic coastline from Venezuela to Greenland and Iceland. Eels can also be found in the Great Lakes and Mississippi River.
Eels have a complex lifecycle that begins far offshore in the Sargasso Sea where adults spawn.
After eggs hatch, young eels drift inland with ocean currents into streams, rivers and lakes for over 3,700 miles. This journey may take many years.

Young eels stay in freshwater until they reach maturity, between 10 to 25 years, before migrating back to the Sargasso Sea.

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Send your resume and/or cover letter to Artistic directors Kit Tough and Lorraine Maltese

Festa Botanica! October 2016

Bumble-Bee Flash Mob! at the BIG On Bloor Festival 2016

 All the bumblebees made in art workshops in the MacGregor Teaching Gardens turned out for a "Bumblebee Flash Mob" hosted by Polly and the Pollinators: Director Kit Tough with special guest performance Aline Morales.

Canada Day

Throughout the spring, we hold music, theatre, and storytelling workshops alongside weekly drop-in gardening sessions. Community members help develop characters, songs, and costume designs that blossom into a magical theatrical performance in the park on Canada Day. 

Water Festivals

Harvest Festival 2015

We had a lot to celebrate in 2015.  The MacGregor Park teaching Gardens was designed, constructed, and is now flourishing.

To commemorate the passing of such an abundant year, Kristen and Kit worked together with Lorraine, Ruth, and a whole host of volunteers to create the Harvest Festival Parade - a wild, interactive processional event that brought out the whole community in collaborative celebration.

Lorraine and Ruth Maltese wrapped the actors in fantastical costumes made of leaves, buds, flowers, twigs and multicoloured fabrics. And Kristen Fahrig, our brave organizer, wove the participants and audience together into a fuzzy electric blanket that kept us all warm. Lucky for us, Katie Nicholson was around to capture the whole thing on film.

Kit Tough, leading the processional as her true winged self – Monarchia –penned an immersive storyline that incorporated characters made up by the participants. 

Artistic Directors

Kit Tough

 Lorraine Maltese