Botanicus Art Ensemble is a non-profit community arts group in Toronto, Canada. 
We are artists, musicians, actors, designers, gardeners, and story-tellers, creating nature-inspired art with our neighbours.  

Come meet us by the garden and let's make as much art, music and creative activity as possible before the sun goes down!

All free and everyone welcome.
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Botanicus Art Ensemble celebrates!!

MacGregor Playground crop.jpeg

The Grand Opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony
for The MacGregor Playground newly renovated field house and (splashy) Splash Pad!


Derek bubble.jpeg
garden arch.jpeg

The MacGregor Playground evolved overtime from its role as sporting fields for local intramural sporting teams, to a park incorporating areas for children and youth along the Lansdowne Avenue frontage and one remaining clay softball field occupying the western half of the Park.

Community soundings were held in the Park and organized by Botanicus, they were well attended and great interest was expressed in improving both the Park and the Fieldhouse to reflect the evolving needs of the surrounding community.

Botanicus Art Ensemble commissioned a Feasibility Study for the MacGregor Playground Fieldhouse, to investigate how the building might be transformed into a year-round community hub supporting park use and community programming.

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